Summer Sixteen

by The New Birds of America

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A collage from the summer that was, (twenty) sixteen.


released September 20, 2016



all rights reserved


The New Birds of America Toronto, Ontario

The New Birds of America is a musical project by Toronto poet Blaise Moritz.

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Track Name: Be Not Mean
Want to be like a modern poem and be not mean. The maple tree left me, but it left its keys. Want to be like a modern poem and be not mean.
Track Name: Take to the City Street
I take to the city street. The light enters my eyes beautifully. It doesn't matter what I see. There's beauty in everything I meet. The folding and faulting pavement, the wildflowers and weeds. The skyscraping skyline, the streetlamps' electrical beads. Sight's not just all light reflecting, hitting our lenses every waking hour. The ancients got it right: vision is power, something inside that goes collecting every species of block and brick, the parti-colored line of parked cars, road surface abstractions, action-painted asphalt and tar. Take to the city street!
Track Name: Against the Black Window
At all hours the birds in conversation, loud beyond the curtains. Hours before the dawn, against sleep, against the black window.
Track Name: Broadcast
I want it bad like the sunlight at your back. The sky's lighting up, and there's nothing I lack.
Track Name: So Cool to Me
The windows open all night, the ears not the eyes of the house, in them a sound of summer thunder. The air is chilling, crisping, losing it's swelter. You're always so cool to me. Easy living time in the downtown when the earth catches fire, the city empty of everyone with means. You say then let there be no more rentrees, postpone the bittersweet fair forever. You're always so cool to me. We play the parts of the young heroes, we read all through summer, we alone keep the earth from falling into the sun. Once when the skyscrapers had windows that opened and we were hard boiled reporters, you loosened my tie, you unbuttoned my collar. You're always so cool to me.
Track Name: Remarkable Trees
The sun comes up, the air glows green, remarkable trees. City within a forest is where I want to be. Acer Saccharum, species native to Ontario, deciduous hardwood commonly called the sugar maple, come take root in my yard, grow to darken my lawn, rise up to share the porch and filter the dawn.