Songs from a Laundry Side 1

by The New Birds of America

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When we seem far apart, remind me and I’ll remind you: it’s our distances that are false and our desires that are true. Let’s not think a letter couldn’t make it any better or that a call couldn’t help at all. Let’s not make a mystery when a little history shows that we shouldn’t worry. Maybe it is wrong for the lyrics of a song to use text and chat and Zoom and all that. We know that they’ll crumble and that they will tumble, they’ll fade away while we’re here to stay. Our hope is not in technology. That’s not what makes the connection between to you and me. Even language and the alphabet are not required for a love which we won’t forget. When we seem, remind me and I’ll remind you: it’s our distances that are false and our love that is true.
Rainy Day 02:25
I love to stay inside on a rainy day; the rainy day’s the perfect day to go my way. And the rainy day, there is music all around, with no headphones on, I hear the London sound. The rainy day takes the colours down to muted grey and to muted brown. My favourite colours come out when it’s overcast, and the rain lovers love for the rain to last. Love me in the rain while we have the chance, embrace, embrace a mackintosh and umbrella romance, my grace, my grace, don your wellingtons not your bonapartes, oh I want to love you on the rainy highlands in our hearts, yes, I want to love you. The car wheels make such a beautiful sound as they spin around on the beautiful ground. Soft and fine is the foggy air as I sit and read in my room upstairs. From the warm light of a golden lamp, I look out on the gorgeous damp. Right beside my window I’ll stay, thrilled that today is a rainy day.
I look up at night from my lonely room over the treetops, over the roofs, and up at the moon, up at the same moon that I know you look up at too. While the town’s locked up tight, we’re together in the moonlight. I sing the moon a serenade to beam to you. Through the cloudless night, the moon’s signal transmits true across the silent town a song of our romance, the close embrace of a moonlit dance. You wait for the stars to outshine the setting sun, wait for another day apart to be done, wait for the night and its lovers’ tune and for the moon to shine again for me and you, the same old moon that shines on every lovely dream, the moon that shines for you and me.
Everyone wants a method they can use to test love. Everyone wants a promise that they can be sure of. How can you know love is going to last? Haven’t you heard that there’s no future and no past? I ain’t going to tell you I’ll love you forever. I ain’t going to say nothing no how. I’m just going to love you true right now. And in a minute, I’ll do the same with no limit. One day, you’ll back and won’t see the beginning, and that’s when you’ll know if you look ahead, there will be no end. I ain’t going to tell you I’ll love you forever. I ain’t going to use no words no how. I’m just going to try to love you forever right now. I won’t tell our fortunes or make any predictions. I don’t ask for credit or put on any limits. Anything I got that you want’s a gift for you. And the only way to all time is any time at all.
Come to You 03:30
Where does your mind go when it seems that all your possibilities are just shutting down and even the anonymity you once prized in the city’s a drag like any one horse town? No, I won’t pretend to show you the way, but neither will I cop out as if there’s nothing anyone can say. When you feel stuck inside of you, what’s near are your fears, and what’s near always seems true. It’s a good thing to know how to hide, and it’s not like the only place to seek is outside. No, I won’t tell you “Follow your dreams”. No, I can’t tell you what you need. I just know you got to believe that there’s some thing somewhere for you and once in your life, you can turn to it, it’s going to come to you.
Empty Town 02:13
When our fate is the face of a city, we must understand an empty town picks us up; it never lets us down. We all seem some space to dance; we all need a room to take that chance. A bustling city if it’s built of greed is just a cluttered hoard of luxury. An empty town can be just what we need with its vistas and squares vacant and free. A city’s not something we lose. It’s a landscape our hearts will use to know that we’re not just ghosts. The haunts that we love the most are in us to enter again, a best table, a best friend. In favourite dreams, we walk quiet streets. And who do hope to meet? One beloved face, one moment of solidarity and grace when it seemed we had the city to ourselves as if it was in a book up on our shelves. All my happiness is a few I found with whom to share this empty town.
I wanted to wake up to you singing, singing. To meet the dawn with you, singing, singing. The soundtrack of the morning of the day, I wanted you to sing me, sing me on my way. I wanted to go to work to you singing, singing. To task or toil with you singing to me, singing, singing. My burdens lightened by the spirit of your song, I wanted you to sing me, sing me all day long. From some forgotten belfry, a sweet bell starts ringing faintly at twilight in silver accompaniment to your singing. I wanted to come home to you singing, singing. To know there’s a place where you will be singing, singing. But also to know your song makes a home of anywhere. Wherever I hear your song, I’m already there. I wanted to fall asleep with you singing, singing, a child again after lights out with singing, singing. To let go of all my waking fun and play and let dreams continue the songs we sang today. And while the best medicine may be in your laughter, it’s your singing that’s our happily ever after. And because you sang for me, I never feared you’d go away because like a song, I knew you’d always stay. And if I could give you anything today, I wish I could sing you, sing you on your way.


Written, performed and produced in the laundry during April, May and June of 2020. Side 2 to follow.


released June 15, 2020

Cover artwork: Beatrice Moritz


all rights reserved



The New Birds of America Toronto, Ontario

The New Birds of America is Blaise Moritz and sometimes others.

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